Food is good.

God could have made us like cows who just eat hay, but that would be pretty boring and hay doesn’t really go well with a good Chianti or Chardonnay.

He knew what he was doing, and, more amazing, he himself becomes at every mass, The Meal of our faith, or as Pope Benedict XVI referred to the Eucharist: “The Food of Truth.”

Today we begin a 4-part homily series on “Soul Food: How food relates to faith and quirky things in between!” Over the next month we will chat about how food is the center of our faith and of every culture in the world.  There is actually a whole field of study centered around food and culture termed culinaryanthropology, or gastronomy.

This is important for us because we all connect with our spouses, friends, and family over meals and it is by The Meal of the Eucharist that we are sustained in our Christian journey, or as the Second Vatican Council referred to the Blessed Sacrament, it is “the Source and Summit of our faith.”

On the 4th Sunday of May I want everyone to bring a family cookbook so I can see it and possibly reference it at mass.

If you don’t bring one you will be in trouble!