What puts you in a bad mood? For some of us it can mean being hungry, sick, or having to get out of bed while not being a “morning person.” Bad moods tend to be infectious with others and yet once a person is in the throws of a bad mood he/ she often resents others bringing it to their attention or being asked, “Are you ok?” Its generally best to just let him ride it out, but without allowing our own moods to be infected by another’s negativity.

One of the most often overlooked forms of showing mercy towards others is in swallowing one’s pride and “crawling out” of one’s bad moods. People who are consistently in bad moods often enjoy the sensation of having others “walking on egg shells” around them, but this is anything but love and ultimately such a person is his own worst enemy, as others will avoid him like the plague.

Mercy is shown both in love but also in being adult enough to swallow one’s pride and shed the negativity monster which can corrode relationships and self-esteem.