In his book, The Road Less Traveled, author M.Scott Peck begins the entire book with the sentence, “Life is difficult.”
No doubt about that, and yet, choosing to have a positive outlook on the difficulties of life is often much easier than we think.

In brief, we could say this: There is nothing positive about being negative!

True, life is difficult and often unfair.

Yet the truth is that we increase the difficulties and stress involved when we become addicted to complaining or seeing the negative in daily situations. For example, it is not uncommon for widows or widowers to become angry at their deceased spouse for “leaving me here” and having to now do things he/she used to handle while still alive.

Still another example could be grandparents who find themselves raising their children’s children because their children neglect to assume the responsibility.

While difficult and often frustrating, at a certain point we have to pick ourselves up and plow forward in faith with a positive attitude, because there is simply “nothing positive about being negative.”